Friday, April 18, 2008

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Lunch (not bring it to the office)

Top Five Reasons to Purchase Lunch Anew Each Day:
(rather than bringing it and storing it in the nasty communal fridge)

1. That mystery meat sandwich in the back of the office fridge crept closer to your yogurt since you last looked...30 seconds ago.

2. Someone keeps stealing the best item in all of the packed lunches. Pretttttty sure it's Joel in accounts receivable, but alas - no proof. Even checked fingers for Hostess Cupcake remnants and cubicle trash can for Twinkie dice.

3. That smell. Dear God, that smell!
Who's job is it to clean the office refrigerator? Oh yeah...nobody's.

4. Tired of rearranging the 56 items all over again just so a leftover muffaletta will fit.

5. Not having to put your effing name on everything!

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Anonymous said...

LOL I have been a legal secretary for years and I can tell ya right now - it's the attorneys who take people's food! They could afford to buy lunch every day.

mariebruxelles said...

The sape happens in the law firm where I am currently working as a secretary.
It's generally attorneys who burn the midgnight (or weekend) oil who plunder the communal fridge.
To avoid this problem I have invested in "deterrent" sandwich bags ( and embroidered (I'm a cross-stitch fan) my own bottle identifier ( ).
And it works!