Thursday, August 28, 2008

Voicemail Faux Pas: Identify Yourself!

"Hey it's me back!"

FYI for all the me's out there: there are quite a few of you so do us a favor and identify your freakin' self!


1. You're a significant other
2. You're a family member / best friend we grew up with
3. You have a voice so unique you're immediately identifiable...

...don't assume we know you by voice alone! Sorry. Maybe we're just not that into you. Or maybe we just don't know your hangover gutterals that well. Perhaps we simply don't speak fluent Klingon.

Whatever the case, you probably don't realize you're doing it so - fair warning - leave more than a clue about who you are and you'll stand a much better chance of receiving communication in kind.

If you should choose not to heed said warning and insist upon leaving quizzical messages replete with "hit me back"'s and "call me"'s, you hereby forfeit any and all claim to anger / frustration / attitude toward unrequited correspondence.

Call your favorite pal, colleague, lover etc and whisper sweet nothings into their messaging system.

Whisper a sweet nothing about who the hell you are!

*Special thanks to the always-hilarious Jenna McCarthy on this one - speak the Truth, sista! When does that book drop again?? ;^)

Zoiks! Like, which asshole didn't leave his name this time, Scoob?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chivalry: Little Old Lady at the Bus Stop

Chivalry Lives, folks. Classic example witnessed just today in downtown Chicago:

There was an old lady who walked in big shoes.
With many a bunion, knew not what to do.
Approaching the bus stop walker in-hand,
Barred from passage by a crowd and a man.

While others brushed past, little thought to the hag,
Our hero did pause and offered-hold of her bag.
Groceries packed too large full of cans and cat food
Yet finding her eeking along in bright mood.

In a world of "me-first," "my turn" and "it's mine"
Young squire did'st transport her back to old times
With a wink and a smile and polite courtesy
A gentleman, sure, made the day of this little lady.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Section: Chivalry Lives

Urban Etiquette is proud to present a new section dedicated to those citizen knights who go out of their way to make everyday life that much easier and more enjoyable for all:

Chivalry Lives

These people understand the weight of a simple gesture and relate to the fact that they are not the only ones who matter. Here, in this space, you are no less than gods.

To the Metropolitan-Mannered, the City Citizens, the Courteous Cosmopolite:
We Salute You!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Twitter Etiquette 101: The Re-Tweet

I'd say half the people I know are hip to the Twitter. Although the other half of you still haven't caught the Twitter-bug, there are some things you should know about how it works.

That's why I started a new blog over at:

If you're new to Twitter or just want to know more about how to optimize / expand / use it (or how NOT to use it!), feel free to check it out!


Twitter Etiquette 101: The Re-Tweet
Go ahead and post a twitter entry that you found on someone else's page...but give credit where credit is due! Click here for the low-down so's you don't catch the smack-down.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Unrelated: Brett Favre vs. Green Bay Packers

Selfish. Whiner. Cry-baby. Waffler. Trouble-maker.

These are a few of the adjectives being applied to Brett Favre by the blogosphere, message boards and Twitter-topia.

In case you don't follow, the Green Bay Packers' hall-of-fame-bound quarterback retired last March, but recently decided he wants to play after all. Whether or not that will be with the Pack, elsewhere, or at all remains to be seen.

But although this site is far from a sports blog in any sense, I couldn't help but make a single point that I think is being overlooked by the critics out there - both media & sports fan alike:

Brett Favre has earned the right to negotiate whatever he deems to be a fair shake out of an organization whose heritage he has not only embraced, but furthered into the halls of football legend.
To those of you who insist that Favre is a whiner:

Shut your hole and step aside as a living NFL legend works out a well-earned deal. I'm tired of hearing people berate Favre for politicking for the first time many consecutive starts??

Whether you like him or not, Favre has never been a whiner. He's never made waves for personal gain. He has demonstrated, time and again, a sheer grit and determination that is largely devoid in professional sports - a fact that neither fans nor detractors can refute.

Case-in-point: this unique perspective from ArmsDistance on Favre's iconic connection to Chicago.

And as the unequivocal leader of the Green Bay Packers through 16 years and 253 consecutive starts, Favre continues to play with the passion and enthusiasm of the recess playground and the professionalism of a true sportsman.

There is no "maneuvering" involved here. He doesn't have a damned thing to prove that he hasn't already given in years of dedication - quite literally - blood, sweat and tears.

Get off the guy's back. You critics couldn't hang there even if you tried.