Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gov Rod Blagojevich Drinking Game!

What to do when you're “innocent until proven guilty” (yeah right) State Governor is arrested, on the road to be impeached and then makes a grand media tour to errr…ummmm – defend himself??Embrace the political scandal dripping out of your cities pores and drink away your pain.

Three cheers and a tip of the hat to the kids at Chicagoist for this one. So even though good ol’ Blago has already been around the world and back again by now – we don’t see him slowing down. Grab a cold one and enjoy!!!

·                  drink for each time he says "The fix is in"

·                  1 drink for every Kipling quote

·                  1 drink per declaration of innocence

·                  1 drink per invasion of Larry's personal space (did you see him pawing Whoopi this morning?)

·                  1 drink for every redirection of a question.

·                  1 drink for every time he says "I can't wait to tell the public" and then gives excuses as to why he can't.

·                  1 drink for a name mention of any Illinois Republicans.

·                  1 drink for every time he whines about no witnesses.

·                  1 drink per mention of any member of the Mell family, excluding his wife.

·                  1 drink per self-repetition. "I will fight, I will fight, I will fight" would be 3 drinks.

·                  1 drink for each oppressed minority leader he refers himself to

·                  1 drink for each time he stalls by saying Larry King's name

·                  1 drink for each reminder he was elected by the people of Illinois

·                  2 drinks for the reminder he was elected twice

·                  2 drinks for every non-Kipling poetry reference

·                  2 drinks for each time he references non-impeachable actions as reason for impeachment, i.e., keeping taxes low, AllKids, free rides for seniors, etc.

·                  3 drinks per martyr he compares himself to

·                  Full bottle if he announces his presidential bid for 2016

Urban-Etiquette Bonus Round:

  • 2 Drinks per swear word

  • Take 1 shot if Mayor Daley appoints Ron Huberman as interim Governor of Illinois        

  • Take 1 shot and head to Happy Hour if he resigns at the end!

P.S – Keep your eyes peeled for – the new booze-fueled website brought you by Urban Etiquette’s very own Chucklyn. More info coming soon!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bachelor Party Etiquette

After a recent foray into the realm of The Bachelor Party we are reminded that, although they should be obvious, guys are in need of some explicit guidelines for bachelor party behavior.

Basically, some'a you jamokes just don't get it.  So we'll spell it out for you in hopes that you don't blow a fellow's cover, spill the proverbial beans or downright ruin someone's marriage!

The Top Five Rules of The Bachelor Party

1. Silence is Golden
For the clueless numb-skulls: 

What happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party!

The fact that this needs to be so clearly defined makes us question the very manhood of those of you who call yourselves friends of the groom-to-be.  Have you no sense of loyalty?  Of common sense? Then keep your freakin' trap shut.  Period.

2. Don't be That Guy
If you wanna mope, sulk or pout - get the hell out!  After all, the definition is contained in the term itself: Bachelor Party

Nobody's fond of a party pooper.  So if you didn't bring your A game, do The Bachelor and other party-goers a favor and don't even show up.

Exception:  A close friend in no shape to properly celebrate, is under contract to show up and buy The Bachelor a drink and a shot.  Support him first by showing your face and then, perhaps more important, by subsequently taking your sad sack home.

3. Fair Game
Think of this not only as The Bachelor's last night of "freedom," but also as his official Roast!  Get all your digs in.  His ass is fair game all night long...

4. Best Man Runs the Show
In theory, you're hoping your pal will only ever have ONE of these, so it is of the utmost importance to make it a night to remember!  It is, therefore, part of the Best Man's job to ensure that this the case.

Exception:  The Best Man sucks. Recommended alternative = wildest friend sets the agenda, other partygoers suggest & support, best man executes.

5. Bachelor Pays Nothing
Unless he personally dictated how the night is to unfold and what events / locations are to be involved, The Bachelor's expenses are to be covered all night long.

This includes at least the following: 
  • Drinks.
  • Props needed to carry out Bachelor Party challenges.
  • Lap dances.
  • Midgets.
  • Blow torches.
Follow these simple rules and a killer time will be had by all!
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