Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let's just call it CONSTRUCTIVE criticism...

Welcome to Here we call out the behavior of all the inconsiderate jerks who make daily metropolitan life just that much more frustrating by putting themselves first. We also point out the ways in which (often very slight) changes in behavior could make all the difference.

~ The annoying fool who wears his/her backback on public transportation.
~ The small group taking up the entire sidewalk without making room for others as they pass by.
~ The inconsiderate ninniesjabbering on during a movie in the theater.
~ The loud, foul-mouthed restaurant patrons cutting into your meal time.

Basically, this page is guided by the almighty and universal Common Sense. Although some of may be rather subjective, the editors always welcome feedback, suggestions and criticism. (Though the latter may well be entirely ignored at our discretion. Don't like it? Get your own freaking page!)

So read on - and be honest with yourself because if any of these items refer to you, change your freaking ways, for cripes sake!