Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Car Alarms

Many of the entries on this site will consist of real situations that remind The Editors of ideas that should be obvious to the general public.

Since they obviously are not, we provide some helpful nudges.

Case-in-point #1: Car Alarms
There is a very simple rule of thumb here - don't turn on your freaking annoying car alarm if you cannot park close enough to your home / apartment to effing hear it!

We've had enough of jack@$$3$ who leave alarms screaming through the night at all hours just because they felt the need for some "extra deterrent" on their wreck.

Dude, nobody cares about your effing Dodge Stratus!!

Redneck Car Alarm

Park near your place of residence.

Add or turn on a car alarm if your car is
a.) not within easy reach to turn off a mistaken alarm
b.) worth less than your mama's wig
c.) of any value to you, because *some* people have pondered physical harm to a piece of junk beater with an obnoxious alarm that apparently exists for no other reason than to keep us awake at night or annoyed all afternoon!