Friday, April 4, 2008

Shadenfreude: To the "People" who Spit Phlegm into the Water Fountain

You make me sick.

There is nothing more disgusting than going to get a drink of water and seeing your slop stuck in the drain holes.

My left eyeball does not want to be one inch from your throat goo. Spit it into the garbage, or a napkin, ANYWHERE but the water fountain – or I will have no choice but to rape your children.

What convinces someone to do this anyway?

Do you not notice your neck mud until you go for a sip? Do you consciously seek this area out as a receptacle? Either way, what you are doing is horribly wrong.

Just because something looks like a drain doesn't mean you can toss your hazmat slime onto it.

Do you poop in the shower? Do you piss in the kitchen sink? Why do you deposit your slop in the same basin where we have to put our faces to get life-sustaining liquid?

You should have been aborted. Period.