Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Beatings on camera: mis-mannered or felonious?

We're often overwhelmingly aghast at the subjects we need to clarify as mis-mannered. Seriously folks? Beating down some fellow cheerleader and sending her ass to the hospital with an effing concussion and busted eye-sockets?

Bad cheerleader! No Pom-Pon!

Once in a while however, the most serious and dubious of behaviors are underscored by the current event landscape.

This "Cheerleader Ambush Beating" is one such case.

It goes without saying that it is in poor taste to hit people (yes, even cab drivers). But this kind of story underlines an extremely alarming mindset trend:

I'll do anything to be famous.

...which is exactly what these girls wanted. They stated, outright, that the purpose of this beating and video was to post the footage on YouTube.

And why do people post vids of themselves on YouTube? For their 15 minutes of fame. Awfully dastardly aim for a gaggle of effing cheerleaders, no?

Who knew all of those Spirit Finger slips up the spankies were building up such aggression?!

We suggest that aspiring cheer-stars stick to finding the best "flyers" and leave the Spirit Stick to pep rallies, not bludgeonings.

Uh, rally yer team like, and stuff.

Effing beat the piss out of each other! Or, if you do, at least make it a fair fight one-on-one.

And c'mon: at least use a damned kiddie pool and some K-Y jelly, for crying out loud.
Click HERE for the full story from this mornings edition of The Today Show.

Full raw video footage found HERE, though it is missing sound for some reason...we're working on finding that.