Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stacey: Christmas Eve weekend at Duffy McFlannigan's

Ladiieeesss!!! Come on girls, let's make this one count. Ashley, get your waxed beaver over here, girlfriend!

These are the best days of our lives girls: community college, syphillis, bisexuality, wow chicas, I guess we've been through it all together.

Now I know this is the BEST remix of "My Humps" playing right now, but we absolutely haaaaave to get a picture of all us girls together. Now this cute little ethnic peasant has volunteered to take it for us. Hurry girls!! Burrito, or whatever his name is, has tables to bus!

I have to say, we have quite the gang girlfriends! Nikki here is working hard towards her associates in business. Whoo, that deserves a chocolate martini toast! Friends forever, cha-ching!!

Amber, it's been a hard road for you girl, but you managed to have yet another miscarriage. I don't know how you manage to ooze those things out, but I think you are soooo strong. You know, children are precious, and I know you'll be a wonderful mom one day, You know, like when you're ready. Love you sweetie!

Trina, what are you doing chica? Is that your usual pucker, mike's hard lemonade, and ephedra cocktail? Why is that black guy trying to give you a Smirnoff Ice colonic? Whatever, he's Puerto Rican, you know I'm not racist I love Will Smith!!

Anyways girl, pose now, spray later! This one's definitely going in our friendship scrapbook!

Leslie, hun, I wanted to pull you aside and tell you this. I think you're so brave sweetie......if I only had half the strength you did. You froze off those genital warts like the little Queen Frostine you knew you had in you all along. I love you girl, always remember DMB '04. I know you'll totally be standing up in my wedding when I find Mr. Right. But for now, I'm all about Mr. Wrong, so click the pic, spic!!!!!

So what do you girls wanna do, it's last call. Get a few milkshakes at Denny's, then vomit them up? Feel each other up in the parking lot and get a group of bouncers to watch? Call up our exes, blow them, and cry ourselves to sleep?

Whatever it is, we're gonna do it together, and it's going straight to the friendship scrapbook! Now let's make this last grinding session count!

Ready, set, make out!!!!!


Zola Jones by Jason Loper said...

Ah another Saturday night . . .