Friday, June 6, 2008

Quickie: No Paying with Change on the Bus!

A Friday Quickie...

Ride public transportation. Shared transport is good for the environment and can actually serve as quite the enterntaining way to get around.

Pay with change on the bus.

To clarify, pay however you'd like. But do NOT nudge your way to the front of the line for the bus, only to pull out a fat wad of change and proceed to count it out coin by coin!

Think about what you're doing, you selfishisto! In your utter selfishness, you've left the rest of us to melt in the sweltering heat like Buttahface McGee ovah- heah!

Take yo' Fergalicious ass to the END of the line if you've got a coinpurse full of fare, got it?


Anonymous said...

izzat really Ferg? looks like a wax statue eww!