Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lauren Conrad + Whitney Port + Blindfold + Camera = ...bowling?

Talk about let-downs. While perusing a news site ("news" site is more like it), we came across the top portion of a photo that continued down off of the screen.

Imagine the excitement over the utter potential of such a risque shot when one only sees this much:

Holy Moses! Is that how they really get down when the cameras aren't around?! There's obviously a much better show to be shot here!

But then, as disappointing as yet another redundant, predictable underscored-with-the-latest-pop-single "drama" breakdown, one scrolls to view the shot in its entirety:

Photo Credit:
Chris Polk / FilmMagic

Just when you think some paparazzo finally scores a half-decent shot of some worthwhile "reality," your hopes are dashed yet again.

Two Spoiled Chicas + A Blindfold + Cameras = ?

Equals...effing BOWLING??

C'mon MTV. You're supposed to be good at this sort of thing. Hell, according to you, it's hotter over on the set of equally-if-not-more-retarded Shot at Love with Tila Tequila and her hell-minions / "love interests" than it is in sunny southern California.

The Etiquette Scoop:
The (admittedly pliable) ethics of photojournalism dictate that a photo presented as part of a news story should be a near-perfect representation of the real event.

Placing a photo on a website in such a way that it is effectively cropped by its layout can drastically change the perspective of the photo.

Photographers who do so are certainly effective...if not dastardly.

To photographers who cheat with layout tricks:
We Hate Your Fucking Guts.
...but damn do we respect you.

Photograph celebs. We all love the guilty pleasure, dammit. And anyone who says otherwise is downright lying.

Misappropriate your photographic scoop with tricksy website placement.


Jonny5 said...

Fuck dat! But YOU kinda got me all excited with that photo too. Guilty!

WesJnctn said...

Tsk, tsk Chuck. Thought your own ethical guidelines would have kept you from posting celeb-slop like a non-story about these "famous" whores.

But I get it. Been drawn in by that kind of editing in the past.

"That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."

MizFit said...

found you through your weighting game comment....


Jennifer said...

HA! ... well... sex sells anything .. even in your own imagination huh? :) Great blog! -

katya_j said...

Photogs rarely do the layout. That's what a designer is for. If you're gonna bitch, get to it, but place the blame where it's due: those sensationalistic, rat-bastard designers!