Thursday, March 20, 2008

Left Turn Signal = Do NOT Walk!

= Your turn to walk.

= Your turn to WAIT.

Cross the street when the little green man is displayed.

Cross a busy downtown intersection when the Big Red Hand is displayed without being aware of whether or not the cars around you have a Left-Turn Signal!

Otherwise, the following scenario plays out over and over:

Cars trying to make their rightful left-turn during an intersection's left-turn signal are left to clog the intersection while foolishly unaware pedestrians stride into the street out of turn.

As a result, nearly the entire intersection is screwed - often for an entire light-cycle! All because these pedestrians feel they absolutely need to walk NOW rather than waiting their turn.

The best part is that these selfishistos then even have the nerve to get angry about it!

The moral of the story is that you should do as you were taught while holding mommy or daddy's hand as a child:
Look both ways, wait for the walk signal and cross safely...

Or, y'know...don't.


Brian said...

Ha. I'm one of these people, actually. I take the "walk" light as a sign that it is safe to walk. I take the "don't walk" light as a sign that it is unsafe to walk, but do so anyway.