Thursday, August 28, 2008

Voicemail Faux Pas: Identify Yourself!

"Hey it's me back!"

FYI for all the me's out there: there are quite a few of you so do us a favor and identify your freakin' self!


1. You're a significant other
2. You're a family member / best friend we grew up with
3. You have a voice so unique you're immediately identifiable...

...don't assume we know you by voice alone! Sorry. Maybe we're just not that into you. Or maybe we just don't know your hangover gutterals that well. Perhaps we simply don't speak fluent Klingon.

Whatever the case, you probably don't realize you're doing it so - fair warning - leave more than a clue about who you are and you'll stand a much better chance of receiving communication in kind.

If you should choose not to heed said warning and insist upon leaving quizzical messages replete with "hit me back"'s and "call me"'s, you hereby forfeit any and all claim to anger / frustration / attitude toward unrequited correspondence.

Call your favorite pal, colleague, lover etc and whisper sweet nothings into their messaging system.

Whisper a sweet nothing about who the hell you are!

*Special thanks to the always-hilarious Jenna McCarthy on this one - speak the Truth, sista! When does that book drop again?? ;^)

Zoiks! Like, which asshole didn't leave his name this time, Scoob?


fish said...

Congratulations on winning Best Pop Culture Blog!!

Jenna McCarthy said...

Hey! It's me! Thanks for the love. Book "dropped" this week! Check out my blog for some scrumdelicious reviews!!! Want a copy? Tweet me. (Man that sounds dirty.)

Jenna McCarthy said...

Hey! It's me! Thanks for the love! Book "dropped" this week--check out my blog for some scrumdelicious reviews. Want a copy? Tweet me. (Man that sounds dirty.) XO

Shanna said...

I fucking hate that!! There are these three different guys who always do this to me and never leave their names. So stupid!

Kenny said...

Totally agreed! This weekend alone, i got a bunch of greetings from some loud bar. Have no idea who it was. I could have missed my chance with Topanga.

Burbson said...

hee! Love the scooby doo cap!

Monster Librarian said...

Congrats on Best Pop Culture blog. Just found you from a friend and already love it. This post was so freaking true and funny!