Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chivalry: Little Old Lady at the Bus Stop

Chivalry Lives, folks. Classic example witnessed just today in downtown Chicago:

There was an old lady who walked in big shoes.
With many a bunion, knew not what to do.
Approaching the bus stop walker in-hand,
Barred from passage by a crowd and a man.

While others brushed past, little thought to the hag,
Our hero did pause and offered-hold of her bag.
Groceries packed too large full of cans and cat food
Yet finding her eeking along in bright mood.

In a world of "me-first," "my turn" and "it's mine"
Young squire did'st transport her back to old times
With a wink and a smile and polite courtesy
A gentleman, sure, made the day of this little lady.


Ra-Beccsa said...

Now if we could just get people to give up their seats on the subway for the elderly, disabled and pregnant. Wow, imagine that!

Monster Librarian said...


Rodarooter said...

Awwwww yaay for positive reporting!